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& Other Natural Interventions. 

Patrick Moore, N.D., M.S. 

Health/Nutrition Coach & Educator

March, 2013 


Most likely, you’ve never heard of the study I’m about to share with you. And more likely, you never would unless you are a follower of this natural health newsletter. Why is that? A few reasons. The study was not conducted in the United States. It concerns a natural nutrient that is cheap if not free (sunlight). The nutrient is widely available, no prescription is required, and no patents or significant profits are attainable.  Further, this natural nutrient does not have the backing of the 100,000 drug salesmen in the USA knocking on doctor’s doors promoting its wonders or handing out free samples with free food. It doesn’t have doctors lining up to be paid by drug companies to promote it. No drug-company sponsored CME credits to learn and profit from it.  It doesn’t have a $100 million dollar annual advertising budget (like the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor once had) to hype it.  It could also undermine and threaten the profit structure of components of our conventional medical system.  And the media, heavily dependent on Drug Company advertising dollars, has widely ignored it. It’s not good business to upset their paymasters.  It’s a poignant symbol why the USA ranks last of the 17 most industrialized countries in the world regarding the health of its citizens despite spending  100% more per capita than the next closest country. This is the system and the times we live in today. But it doesn’t mean we have to remain an uneducated citizenry and accept the notion that drugs and chemicals are the primary vehicle to maintain health.  Despite consuming 50% of all drugs sold in the world with only 4% of the world’s population, the USA, according to the World Health Organization, ranks a distant 37th in “performance of its overall health system” and 72nd in “overall level of health” of its citizens. We have allowed ourselves to become the most medicated (along with our children), drug-dependent country in the history of the human race.   As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working out?” For those of you who find the American Medical System confusing, and for those of you who would like to better understand the inside story of how our system works (this newsletter has a worldwide audience), I recommend you read the special report in Time Magazine’s cover story in the March 4, 2013 edition by the brilliant journalist, Steven Brill, entitled, “Bitter Pill:  Why Medical Bills are Killing Us.” It’s a tour de force!

Now, let’s take a look at the  results of the newly released study.  The study was recently published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (November – 2012).  It is the most comprehensive epidemiological study ever conducted regarding the association between Vitamin D and mortality.  It discovered that low Vitamin D levels are directly linked to early death from heart disease and other causes. It concluded that people with the lowest Vitamin D levels compared to those with the highest D levels have a profoundly higher risk of developing ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction (MI), fatal ischemic heart disease and MI, or dying an early death.

The study was conducted by Copenhagen University and was part of the Copenhagen City Heart Study. It was a 30 year study that commenced in the 1980’s and just concluded in 2012. It involved over 10,000 men and women. Each person had their levels of plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D tested and verified at the beginning of the study. They were then followed for the next 30 years and monitored for all health developments.  The results?  There was a dramatic difference in disease and death rates among those in the low Vitamin D group as compared to those in the high Vitamin D group.  How much of a difference? People with Vitamin D levels in the lowest group were found to be 40% more likely to develop ischemic heart disease, 64% more likely to have a myocardial infarction (heart attack), and 57% more likely to die an early death. Most amazing, though, was the finding that those with the lowest levels of Vitamin D were 81% more likely to die from ischemic heart disease or heart attack.  Study author Dr. Borge G. Nordestgaard, M.D., as reported in Heartwire, stated, “People with low levels of Vitamin D have an increased risk of heart attack, of dying early from cardiovascular disease, and this is an important message. The cheapest and easiest way to get enough Vitamin D is to let the sun shine on your skin at regular intervals. There’s been a lot of focus on trying to tell people to avoid getting too much sun, but maybe this has not been balanced.” 

Impressively, before  Dr. Nordestgaard’s study team published their results, they took extraordinary steps to confirm the integrity of their findings. The research team carried out a comprehensive meta-analysis of all previous research on Vitamin D and mortality. They identified 17 previous studies and remarkably found equivalent results. Low levels of Vitamin D were directly associated with a higher risk of disease and death in virtually every single study!  This further confirmed that maintaining high Vitamin D levels is crucial for optimal health. Dr. Nordestgaard concluded, “The meta-analysis gives exactly the same results as our study so the results are quite robust when you look at the totality of the evidence.”  Further, according to John Cannell, M.D., President of the Vitamin D Council and a prominent “D” scientist, Vitamin D controls about 10%-15% of our genes and about 200 involving the cardiovascular system, affecting gene switches being turned on and off depending on our “D” levels in our body. The nutrient has also been shown to exert an anti-inflammatory affect and strengthen muscles and our immune system. A recent study from the University of Pisa in Italy ( J Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Syst. 2013 Jan. 2)  has also demonstrated “D’s” positive affect on influencing the Renin-Angiotensin system (RAS), a hormone system that regulates blood pressure and fluid balance.


You have not heard the American Heart Association say a word about the Vitamin D aspect of this study. Why? I believe that business and profits would be undermined if simple, natural interventions proved more effective than costly drugs and procedures. Just like you’ve  hardly heard a peep out of any of our national cancer institutions regarding all of the remarkable studies on Vitamin D and cancer prevention and treatment. Same rea$on!  If you lived in Canada, you would hear a different story. For the last two years, the government’s leading Cancer institute has been strongly recommending to Canadians to up their D intake to reduce their cancer risk. The four Medical Directors in The United Kingdom  (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) have all been urging better Vitamin D education to enhance the health of the British populace, especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Free Vitamin D is given to all pregnant women to enhance wellness for the mother and fetus. The nurses in Great Britain are leading the way in educating the populace, backed by the support and leadership of the Medical Directors. How refreshing!  Meanwhile, back in the good ole USA,  despite double-blind, placebo, gold-standard studies proving Vitamin D’s powerful immune-boosting abilities to reduce the incidence of influenza in children and adults by 50%, including a dramatic  decrease in Asthma attacks in children,  not even a tweet on D from our health officials this past influenza season besides screeching, “Get Your Flu Shot.” It’s such a sad reflection on the lack of moral and scientific leadership on the part of our public health officials. And, as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been forced to admit, the flu shot this season has had a “91%” failure rate  for our seniors and at best, a 50%  benefit  for the rest of us. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any evidence that any flu shot in any season has ever had a significant benefit for our senior populace.  That’s the dirty little secret our government prefers us not to know. Readers, we live in a system where profits come before people. Unless something can be patented and chemicalized, nothing natural with proven effectiveness is accepted by the dogmatic medical establishment in the USA.   

One last point.  Please forgive the diversion. This newsletter is by no means opposed to flu vaccines per se. It is opposed to employers mandating forced flu vaccinations on employees with the threat of being fired for not complying. For people living in Connecticut, proposed legislation called SB55 would protect employees from being fired for declining a flu vaccine. Ask your representative what their position is on this issue. Get involved. Further, if I could wave a magic wand, my wish would be for health officials to better educate themselves and then better  educate the public regarding the immune benefits of Vitamin D and recommend that everyone maintain Vitamin D lab readings throughout the flu season of at least 40ng/ml. I would  then be asking  people if they have had their “Vitamin D Vaccination.”   It’s clear to me that the flu season is primarily a sunshine/ultra violet B deficiency season. And I’m not alone with this opinion. I borrowed it from Hippocrates. And several nobel  prize winners.  And every Vitamin D scientist in the world. And every person living near the equator where flu seasons don’t exist – ultra-violet B rays shine year-round.


Vitamin D scientists recommend keeping your D lab levels in the range of 50ng/ml – 85ng/ml for optimal health. The American Endocrinology Society (our M.D. hormone specialists - and D is a hormone) are also endorsing higher levels. They even recommend up to 4,000iu/day for overweight children. They point out that each person may require a different dosage to achieve this objective. As we age, our ability to absorb D diminishes. If you’re overweight, the same. Some people just metabolize D better than others. It’s why lab tests for D levels are vitally instructive to develop individualized dosage protocols.  And since D is a fat-soluble nutrient, you need some fat intake before taking your supplement for optimal absorption. Therapeutic sun exposure (never burning) is the best and natural way (as all of the animal, insect, and other species and flora and fauna on our planet understand better than most humans do) to get your D but ultra-violet B rays needed to produce D are not available from mid-October till mid-April if you live above Atlanta. The sun you absorb at this time of the year is ultra-violet A which acts like a radiated x-ray that damages your DNA. Additionally, if you are taking Calcium supplements, D experts suggest that if you are now taking sufficient amounts of D – which significantly enhances Calcium absorption – you may need less Calcium supplementation and perhaps none if you are obtaining sufficient amounts in your diet – always the best way to go. However, the most health-enhancing mineral most of us are not getting enough of – unless you are eating nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, and avocados daily – is Magnesium. Therapeutic supplementation can work wonders for many people and it helps D absorb. But that’s an article for another day.

Finally, most of the readers of this newsletter have family members and friends who have or are battling heart disease. Please pass on this information. I have also included a list of a “few” natural and holistic considerations that come to mind when I consider heart wellness. None of these considerations are meant to replace the recommendations or care from your primary health provider. However, my experience is that frequently, most providers, not all, have little to no training in the field of nutrition and natural health in the USA. And isn’t that the foundational structure for optimal health and disease prevention? You decide.










Blood Sugar Stabilization food plan by Dr. Mark Hyman

Green Tea

Fish – omega-3 rich

Fish Oil (Omega 3)

Mediterranean Diet

Lemon/Lime juice

Olive Oil (extra virgin)


Antioxidant-rich foods

Filtered water


Vitamin D

Exercise  - aerobic & resistance

Cocoa (Dark – high quality)

Dark Chocolate

Co-Enzyme Q-10 – crucial to consider taking if you are ever on a Statin (Cholesterol - lowering drug)

Stress Reduction

Ginger Tea

Oatmeal – steel-cut


Proper Sleep

Low-Sodium V-8 juice with organic Apple Cider Vinegar



Therapeutic sunshine

 Alcohol in moderation/ especially red wine

Onions – especially red/yellow

Full-spectrum Vitamin E – all four tocotrienols and all four tocopherols

Fresh air – nature walks

Coffee in moderation is fine for most of us and  has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes, a common contributor to heart disease

Omega 3 eggs – keep the yolks soft so as not to oxidize the therapeutic fat

Vitamin C with Bio-flavonoids

Hormone balancing

Full-fat dairy or raw milk – this may be the most controversial suggestion to some of you but I ask any doubters to review my article on the website concerning this topic and learn about transpalmitoleic acid

Nuts/seeds - especially almonds and walnuts


Tip: The highest quality Multivitamin I’ve found relative to price/quality and return on investment is the TWICE DAILY MULTI from

It’s like a superb, economical insurance plan that helps make up for the less than perfect lives and diets that dominate our landscape.

Advice: 1) If you choose to use this product, order directly from the company. Like food, it will ensure “fresh” production of the nutrients 2) Their policy is to sell only to listed health professionals. Should you be requested to list a professional to order, anyone is welcome to use my name as “your” educational nutritionist to ensure no roadblock to ordering.

Spiritual/emotional wellness


Green leafy vegetables – especially spinach and Kale

Hawthorne Berry

Social connections are vital – family, friends, and love


Carotenoid-rich vegetables/fruits

Grapeseed Extract

Elimination of all refined, processed “dead” foods; sugar, sodas, most artificial sweeteners


Whole grains


Use HEPA air filters if you live in a polluted air environment


Grass-fed beef/buffalo


Use Sea Salt w/iodine instead of refined salt



Lecithin granules

Lifestyle improvement by removing toxic substances from your life such as smoking, chemicals, toxic metals, pesticides, GMO foods, and unhealthy relationships – personally and professionally, if possible.



Cayenne (my favorite!)



Red grapes


Weight control


Coconut (unrefined)






Nutritionist/Naturopath – find a holistic practitioner to complement the expertise of your primary healthcare provider




Consider Energy Healing Arts




Be aware of drug-induced nutrient deficiencies


Mustard (it has omega 3)


Understand the importance of Omega 3/6 imbalances














Legumes – especially lentils




Flaxseed Oil







To conclude, this is just a partial list of considerations. I invite you to share any natural  ideas – nutrient, food, or lifestyle – that you find especially helpful to heart wellness.  And, as you come to the end of this article, I leave you with a quote from the man who made it all possible for you to read this review, Thomas Edison. He was America’s greatest inventor/scientist who brought us electricity and light.  Here’s what he had to say 100 years ago: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  Mr. Edison, that future you envisioned continues to remain an evanescing illusion in the USA of today. However, I’m optimistic. More people than ever before, especially the holistically-minded readers of this newsletter, are embracing and sharing your vision. The future has no special time of its own. Its hour is now – and always will be. 

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