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Information for New Clients

Please read carefully. It explains what to expect and what you need to send.

WHAT TO EXPECT – On your first phone interview we will review your general and specific health concerns, medical information, personal history, lab work, diet and food plan,  exercise and fitness, lifestyle,  emotional issues and specific health goals.  A food and supplement plan with educational health suggestions will be sent to you following this review. You will be expected to follow up with phone or e-mail reports on your progress and participate fully in evaluating the success of your plan. Keep in mind that I am a traditional naturopath/nutritional educator/health coach.  I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose or prescribe. My health suggestions are educational and designed to guide and motivate you to take charge of your own health – Naturally and Holistically.   Remember, you are making an investment in your future.  Your life and time on earth are finite, precious, and inestimable. My mission is to assist you in taking the best possible care of yourself and optimizing your health potential on all levels for the rest of your life.

WHAT TO SEND – Your forms; a list of your questions, concerns, and health objectives; a four to seven day food and hydration diary; health information including any lab work if available; a list of supplements and medications with dose information that you use or have used in the past; and any other information you think may be relevant to our consultation.

WHAT ABOUT FEES? – Phone/Mail//E-Mail Consultations and Program Support Appointments are billed at a rate of $90 per hour, no minimum time. All consultation and program support billing will include charges for the time it takes to research and write your program in addition to online or phone time. If personal face-to-face time is requested then we will meet at either The “Grove” on Orange Street in New Haven, Ct.  where I rent office space or on the second floor of” Edge Of The Woods” health food store in New Haven. I have done consultations as far away as Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and California. Virtual consultations through the use of modern technology has worked just fine.  Clients will be invoiced following the consult. Invoices are due when received. Please keep your account current. Phone follow-up time is recorded and an invoice/statement sent periodically, due on receipt.  I do not take insurance of any kind. Think of me as a nutritional mechanic. If your car engine is not working well, you have it fixed. You pay the repair bill. I hope you would at least place an equal value on your "human engine" as you would with your car, pet, hair dresser, zumba or fitness instructor, massage, energy healing, yoga, cosmetic improvement or beauty products. If you are not satisfied with the results regarding my educational health suggestions; if you do not feel you have benefited, your fee will be refunded completely - a 100% guarantee. Results are what matter.   -   Some clients have asked for a fixed fee for a set number of consults. That is available and economical providing the total fee is paid up front. For example, $450 for three scheduled consults. Weekly or bi-monthly health coach sessions are also available. I find these valuable for clients who need that extra motivational support and inspiration to attain their health objectives.  Fees for this service are negotiable and reasonable. One last point. I have never turned down a consultation due to someone not having adequate funds. That would not be moral or ethical. If you are in such a position, send me an explanation and I will accomodate.

SUPPLEMENTS/VITAMINS – I do not sell any supplements. I believe this would be a conflict of interest. I do show you how to obtain the highest quality products with up to 50% discounts from the best sources available. I have been able to save some clients more money on an annual basis than the fee they pay for the consultation. This knowledge will help to empower you to become self-sufficient and educated on alternative sources for therapeutic products.  Typically, health food stores mark up their products by 100%. I will show you how you can purchase many of the same brands at wholesale prices! However, there is one product line I do sell and it is my own creation. The all-natural, all-purpose, highly therapeutic age-reversal skin cream, Florencé. It has achieved some  of the best product  testimonials  on the market. Nice companion aroma mists/skin hydrators are also our creation. Any client or newsletter subscriber automatically qualifies for over a 40% savings on the skin cream. Just send an e-mail to for the special password to order and save money. The website for the skin cream is

TESTING – Everyone should have their vitamin D level checked. Most people have insufficient levels to optimize their health. You can have your physician order the test – 25(OH)D also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D; or 25–hydroxy. You can also order this yourself (yes, you really can!) through the Life Extension Foundation (Http:// – 1-800-208-3444) for about $40. They also have a full blood chemistry lab panel with hormones and vitamin D included called the “Male Panel” or “Female Panel.” Terrific information and far more comprehensive than a standard blood chemistry test. The full panel is only about $200 for members. This is one way to take charge of your health. They have 24/7 health professionals available for “free” to review the results of the test(s). They are a superb organization dedicated to advancing science and health and the complimentary benefits of alternative medicine. An annual membership fee is $75. This provides you with their excellent and informative monthly life extension  magazine and a 25% discount on their well-formulated vitamins. As a bonus, they send you for “free” $125 of supplements of your choice when you become a member.

  To start the Health Consultation Process, please follow the directions below

client_profile_thumb.jpg Click on icon to download the PDF document.


Please print the PDF document and mail it prior to your consultation, to:

Patrick Moore, N.D., M.S., 53 Savin Park, West Haven, Connecticut  06516. USA

If you have scanning capabilities, please print the PDF document, complete it and scan the pages. You can email the scanned pages to:

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