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 by Patrick Moore, N.D., M.S.

November, 2012


As the days grow shorter and the autumn leaves fall, as the chill in the air says it’s that time of  year, here’s one tip to  keep you fit as winter grows near.

FLU SHOT – your first decision to protect yourself from seasonal influenza may be to get a flu shot. It may be helpful but keep in mind, over 200 distinct viruses are circulating throughout the winter months. The flu shot only protects you against the 3 most common viral strains – influenza A, B, and H1N1 (Swine flu) – as forecast by the Center for Disease Control. That leaves lots of renegade viruses searching for host cells to take up residence. Hence, our best defense to protect us is a robust immune system, optimizing our Vitamin D levels, and proper hygiene. If you decide to get the flu shot, keep this advice in mind: Insist on being vaccinated from a “single dose vial.” Flu shots come in multi-dose vials and single-dose vials. Multi-dose vials are preserved with 25mcg of Mercury, a neurotoxin which has a toxicity level 1,000 times that of lead. Drug companies label this as Thimerosal. Single-dose vials are mercury-free with the exception of GlaxoSmithKline's "FluLaval." There is some evidence that mercury-laced flu shots may, over time, contribute to diminished cognitive function as pointed out by Dr. Donald Miller, cardiac surgeon and Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington. It’s thought that mercury combined with other preservatives in the vaccine, - formaldehyde and aluminum – creates a potentially toxic, synergistic effect. One scientist stated that “people who received the flu vaccine each year for 3-5 years had a ten-fold greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease than people who did not have any flu shots ( International Journal of Clinical Investigation 2005; 1:1-4). It’s also important to point out that an injection of mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde directly into the bloodstream is different than orally ingesting mercury in tuna fish. The body has a greater chance of detoxifying ingested mercury through an efficient digestive system. Metals directly injected into the bloodstream may have a greater propensity to migrate to brain tissue. In any event, you have a choice. Why take a chance? The Federal Drug Administration has removed mercury  from all other vaccines (except Tetanus, Meningococcal, and multi-dose flu vaccines) andthimerosal_infants.jpg for sound health precautions. This biohazard has no place in modern-day medicines and surely, no reason to allow any amount in your body or brain. In addition, “National Toxicology Programs” admits in its own documents that: Vaccinations “.… may produce small  but measurable increases in blood levels of mercury.”  “Thimerosal was found to cross the blood-brain  barrier and placenta barriers.” The “….hazards of Thimerosal include neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.”  And “….similar toxicological profiles between ethylmercury and methylmercury raise the possibility that  neurotoxicity   may also occur at low doses of thimerosal.”

One may ask, Why then are multi-dose vaccines containing mercury promoted? Why are we not informed as consumers that we have a choice as we line up like lemmings to have our flu shot? It’s a simple answer. It’s more profitable to sell multi-dose, mercury-laced vials!  Multi-dose vials with mercury are preferred by health clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, and retail outlets because they are less expensive per vaccine dose, require less storage space, and they make more money.  So, do yourself a favor. Ask and insist on a single-dose vial flu shot and make sure it's not "FluLaval." And don’t be surprised if the health professional providing the injection attempts to downplay the “minor” amount of mercury in the “multi-dose” vial.   By reading this article, you will be more informed than the person providing the injection. Further information on flu shots, manufacturers, multi-dose vials with thimerosal and single-dose vials that are thimerosal-free can be found on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website or the John Hopkins School of Public Health-Vaccines website.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,     "A Mad Tea-Party."

Although the name "Mad Hatter" was clearly done and inspired by the phrase "as mad as a hatter", there is some uncertainty as to the origins of this phrase. Mercury was used in the process of curing felt used in some hats, making it impossible for hatters to avoid inhaling the mercury fumes given off during the hat making process; hatters and mill workers thus often suffered mad hatter disease, mercury poisoning causing neurological damage including confused speech and distorted vision. Hat making was the main trade in Stockport, near where author Lewis Carroll grew up, and it was not unusual then for hatters to appear disturbed or confused; many died early as a result of mercury poisoning.

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And here's a special incentive for you to learn more. The first five responders who are able to identify the name of the one manufacturer and their influenza vaccine "brand" name that uses MSG (Monosodium glutamate) in their vaccine (I am not kidding) will receive a complimentary Florencé-Plus (1 oz) Facial Skin Cream, a $38.00 retail value. Click on the John Hopkins School of Public Health website to get started. Email us through our site's contact page with the results of your search. Include your name and shipping address.

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1 Comment
Added by Jay W
November 19th, 2012


Thanks for posting another informative article. I had heard many health experts raise concerns about various vaccines, but I had never taken the time to investigate their claims. Due to my volunteer positions at two local hospitals I have been forced to get a flu shot during the past two years to keep my position. I will most likely have to continue receiving these vaccines in the future given my future career path in nutrition that will likely include employment in a hospital.

Have you found a good way for individuals to request mercury free flu shots? Perhaps by specifically requesting them in advance, or getting the vaccine elsewhere?

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