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by Patrick Moore, N.D., M.S.

September, 2012

statue.jpgIt was the year 1900. The beginning of the 20th century. America was at peace and optimism prevailed. Immigrants were streaming through Ellis Island. Dreams of  freedom and opportunity were abundant. The primary health concerns facing Americans then were infectious diseases, childbirth mishaps, and public hygiene. Degenerative diseases of today – cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, - were not the norm and seldom seen. How things have changed! Today, public health measures, vaccines, and antibiotics have largely eradicated most of our early 20th century afflictions. However, a century later, we’ve now replaced them with “diseases of civilization” that dominate our health care landscape. Hospitals across America are erecting new buildings and research centers to address the growing prevalence of cancer. Heart disease is continuing to be wide-spread. We’re just managing it better. Over 1/3 of all American children born in the U.S. in the year 2000 will develop diabetes, according to the Center for Disease Control. Up to 70% of Americans are now overweight or obese. And the U.S. Military is rejecting the highest % of applicants in its history due to weight problems and lack of fitness and health amongst our youth. We’re watching before our very eyes a disintegration of America’s health and an acceptance of disease as a natural order and progression of life. This is a beneficial trend if you are  a hospital, physician, or health care provider. Sickness is good for business. It’s great if you are a pharmaceutical company – Americans consume almost 50% of the world’s prescription drugs with 3% organic.jpgof the population. And American children consume the bulk of anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, and stimulant drugs in the world. However, I doubt this health care plague was ever God’s plan for us. So, what’s going on with America and how can we stem this “growing” crisis. There are simple and sensible solutions before our eyes and we can implement them immediately. But first, we must recognize and fully feel and sense that God loves us and wants us to be well. God gave us a precious body and mind to be treasured and thankful for and we must in return honor His presence by making judicious life-style and nutritional decisions. This spiritual foundation is crucial for optimal health to take hold. Second, we must recognize that we have evolved in harmony with nature and the further removed we become from natural foods and ancestral wisdom, the deeper we descend into an abyss of declining well-being. Here then, are five health suggestions – along with taking our spiritual gifts seriously – that can be implemented right away.

1) Avoid sugar/high fructose corn syrup – in 1900, we consumed on average 5-30 lbs of sugar annually. Today, that number has soared close to 120 lbs. At this level, sugar becomes a toxic poison that promotes and supports every degenerative disease of our time. And few people realize that cancer cells feed almost exclusively on sugar. Elevating blood sugar/glucose in a cancer patient is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

2) Get and keep your Vitamin D blood levels in a therapeutic lab range of 40-100ng/ml. This “sunshine” hormone influences almost every cell in our body, controls up to 2000 of our genes, and helps promote optimal wellness. Much disease, and especially cancer, is associated with a vitamin D deficiency. Up to 70% of Americans are deficient/insufficient (90% of African-Americans) in D which translates into epidemic proportions. Humans were not meant to hibernate year-round.

3) Consume as many fresh and unprocessed foods as possible. They provide more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients, that keep us nourished and well. Shun refined, processed foods that even rodents avoid (white flour).

4) Don’t avoid fat. There are good fats and bad fats. Know the difference. Good fats naturally stabilize blood sugar, suppress appetite, promote satiety and satisfaction, make food taste better, and are vital for hormone production. America has substituted fats for sugar with devastating consequences. And don’t fear eggs. They may be the most nutritious of all foods. They are heart-healthy and have NO affect on cholesterol. Further, consider full-fat, unrefined dairy like our ancestors always did. Harvard researchers are proving that Nature may know best with their recent discovery of Transpalmitoleic Acid found in highest amounts in full-fat dairy (its natural state – the French have known this forever). This nutrient may significantly reduce  the risk of developing diabetes and improves almost every lab measure associated with heart health and weight reduction.

Exercise – the human body did not evolve to remain inert, couch-potatoed in front of a computer, video game, or television. We were meant to move. So make an effort to do a few minutes of exercise each day. Find something you enjoy and consider fun. The health benefits of staying in shape are infinite. And you’ll be setting a good leadership example for the young people in your life. They’ll follow your lead and someday thank you for the educational gift of health you left behind.

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